In the end it is all about sex

Or is it?

As a behavioural and evolutionary biologist I constantly end up with this conclusion … well, in the end it is all about mating. Sexual dimorphism, secondary sexual traits, courtship behaviour, territoriality, but also the more subtle things like cooperation, communication, life history or even  predator avoidance strategies.

For a biologists it appears to be quite simple: it boils down to individual fitness. If your genes are not represented in the next generation, well, then there is nothing left of you. If this is not only true for yourself, but also for your group, population, or maybe even species then say hello and line up with all the other extinct species.

Is it true? Certainly. Is it sad? On the contrary. To put it with the words of biology’s all time celebrity Charles Darwin the ‘struggle of life’ produced a copious collection of forms, patterns, behaviours, and strategies that are fascinating, puzzling, captivating, intriguing, or just: beautiful. I couldn’t imagine a better thing than exploring this world with all its facets. Even if in the end it is all about sex.